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Time Sight (w/ Signed Bookplate, Author Letter, Magnet)

Time Sight (w/ Signed Bookplate, Author Letter, Magnet)

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When Will and his little brother Jamie are sent to stay with family in Scotland for the summer, Will makes an unexpected discovery: he has the ability to visit his ancestral past! Time Sight is a thoughtful and exciting new historical fiction adventure from Lynne Jonell, all about history, bravery, and most importantly, family. Your brand new book comes with a signed bookplate and letter from the author, plus a super cool Castle Menzies fridge magnet!

Your purchase includes:
* Time Sight by Lynne Jonell
* Author letter from Lynne Jonell
* Exclusive Castle Menzies fridge magnet

Featured in the June 2019 'Time Travel' OwlCrate JR box.

Photos by @babs.books (from Instagram)

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